Psychoinductive Spaces Series

Immersive installations created to claim the ritualistic function of art, highlighting its inductive dimension of specific states of consciousness with multimedia aesthetic stimuli. Sources of experiences are developed that promote reflections on the present moment and the effect on the human being of his physical environment.





Psychoinductive Space I: Principality of Amok is an immersive sculptural scene that represents through the mythification the psychiatric state denominated Syndrome of Amok, at the same time that inductively produces the experience of alienation by stimulation of the environment of the syndrome.

Manifest of the work: Amok - Malayan nomination to an universal syndrome of alienation in hatchings of fury provoked by environmental phenomena. The environment producing states of conciesness, generating preconditions of behavior. If in the bundle of perceptions even time is possible to dilate without twisting the space



Psychoinductive Space II: Velorio is a multimedia installation that produces the sequence of stages in the death process based on studies with people who have died clinically and returned to life. It consists of an apparatus similar to a sarcophagus where the participant enters for 30 minutes to experience the sequence produced from various artistic modalities immersively to the senses.

Manifest of the work: Velorio - Immersive installation for one spectator created from psychology and art to evoke the experience of the stages of death

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